Whether it’s treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease or a vascular emergency, Regional One Health is on the forefront of vascular care.

Our highly skilled staff guides patients through the entire process from assessment to intervention to follow-up. And, when possible, we use a minimally invasive approach to get you on the road to recovery quicker.

Vascular care at Regional One Health

The Vascular Institute at Regional One Health provides patients personalized and comprehensive care for the prevention, treatment and ongoing care for individuals living with vascular disease.  The Vascular Institute is a full service center including daily clinics for new and returning patients, interventional radiology, surgery, inpatient vascular care, consults and referrals to other specialties – all delivered in a one-stop-shop environment.

Unique attention to the patient

The Vascular Institute utilizes a unique patient focused approach to care. We give you, the patient, the care you need while listening and understanding your preferences and encouraging your active engagement in the care process. We focus on assessing, anticipating and care for your medical needs before, during and after your clinic visit.

Expert care team

The highly skilled and specialized Vascular Institute team is led by Erica Mitchell, MD. Dr. Mitchell specializes in the less invasive endovascular surgery. This approach means shorter hospital stays and quicker recoveries for patients who are candidates for endovascular surgery.  Your care team coordinates patient care completely, including scheduling, referrals, authorizations, lab work diagnostics, procedures and follow up care, all in one location with staff you know and trust.

Vascular Services Offered

Clinic Based: Suture Removals, ABIs, Ultrasound exams

Interventional Area: Arteriogram, Angioplasty, Stenting, Atherectomy, Dialysis access

Operating Room: Arterial bypass surgery, Aneurysm repair, Carotid repair, Dialysis access

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Regional One Health Vascular Institute
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