A message from Randy Sites, executive director of UT Regional One Physicians

Updated 6/30/2014: Scroll down for new FAQs

I wanted to share with you a few updates regarding the progress of the practice plan:


Randy Sites, Executive Director, UT Regional One Physicians

  • The affiliation agreement between Regional One Health and UT Health Science Center is nearing completion. We have scheduled a town hall meeting with Reginald Coopwood, M.D., CEO of Regional One Health, and David Stern, M.D., executive dean of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine. Please plan to attend this meeting on Monday, June 16th at 5:00 PM to learn more about the new practice plan.
  • Employment agreements, malpractice coverage information, as well as benefit information are being finalized. You will be able to review this information and ask detailed questions at the upcoming department meetings. We will share a schedule with you as soon as the meeting times are finalized.
  • Listed below are some of the other frequently asked questions that have recently come up. I hope you find this information helpful.

Please be on the lookout for additional information in the coming weeks about the scheduled department meetings. I look forward to seeing you on Monday at the town hall meeting.


Randy Sites
Executive Director, UT Regional One Physicians

Town Hall Meeting

Please join us for a town hall meeting on Monday, June 16th, 2014* at 5:00 PM in AG28, the Adams Auditorium at Regional One Health.

*This event is now in the past, please contact Randy Sites directly with any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is UT Regional One Physicians being formed?
UT Regional One Physicians is being formed as a partnership between University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) and Regional One Health to strengthen the relationship between the two organizations and more closely align the health system and the physicians who practice here going forward. Hospital and physician alignment is a key for the successful delivery of effective and efficient care in the future.

The healthcare environment is changing rapidly with an increased focus on and linkage to quality, outcomes, and health management in determining how and what all providers are paid. Having a model in place today will better position us for the future healthcare environment. The formation of UT Regional One Physicians helps develop the ideal physician and hospital model while maintaining a commitment to an academic mission and improving the health of the patients served.

The UT Regional One Physicians practice group will include physicians and advance practice practitioners. Advance practice practitioners joining UT Regional One Physicians will include nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse anesthetists and physician assistants permitted to file claims for services rendered.

Will this affect my compensation?
Initially, physician compensation and compensation calculations will remain the same in UT Regional One Physicians as it is with UT Medical Group, Inc. (UTMG). In the future, we will explore opportunities to develop market-competitive compensation methodologies that align the goals of the clinical departments and individual physicians. This is a long term goal that will include direct input from physicians.

The compensation plan for advance practice practitioners is under review.

What will my benefits be?
The benefit structure and offerings from UT Regional One Physicians have not been finalized. Our goal is to provide a benefits structure that is market competitive.

Will I have an employment agreement? If so who will it be with?
Yes, physicians will have an employment agreement with UT Regional One Physicians and a faculty appointment with UTHSC. Your employment arrangement will be similar to what you currently have in place with UTMG and UTHSC.

Advance practice practitioners joining the practice group will be employed by UT Regional One Physicians.

Who will be on the Board of Directors for UT Regional One Physicians?
The UT Regional One Physicians Board of Directors will include physicians and have a minimum of 10 members appointed by the CEO of Regional One Health and the UTHSC Chancellor. Both appointing entities must include appointees who have a faculty appointment with UTHSC and are employed by UT Regional One Physicians. The CEO of Regional One Health and the Executive Dean of UTHSC will serve on the Board of Directors as appointees of their respective organizations.

Will I still have a faculty appointment?
Yes, UT Regional One Physicians will maintain their faculty appointments with the medical school.

What will happen to my vacation that I have accrued at UTMG?
We are working with UTMG to make a smooth transition of accrued vacation time. The details are not yet finalized and more information will be provided in the near future.

Will UT Regional One Physicians pay the cost of my malpractice insurance?
Yes. UT Regional One Physicians and Regional One Health will provide malpractice insurance for the physicians and advanced practice practitioners joining the practice group.

Will UT Regional One Physicians employ clinical and business operations support staff?
No, support staff will be employed by Regional One Health. Additional communications regarding support staff will be made after the launch of UT Regional One Physicians.

Updated 6/30/2014:

Will my malpractice insurance change?
We will be staying with SVMIC for malpractice insurance, and you will keep your current policy at your current coverage level.

UTMG currently pays for my CME travel, subscriptions, parking and other things? Will UT Regional One Physicians pay for these things?
It is our intention to continue paying for the items that are currently paid by UTMG, and we have made every effort to identify these costs. For example, you currently have a CME/Spending Account with UTMG for travel, dues, subscriptions, etc. That amount will remain the same. We’ve also learned in the last couple of weeks that your parking is paid for and that many of you receive a cell phone allowance. These will also continue. Also, if there are licenses and other fees required for your job, we will cover those.

How different is my new UT Regional One Physicians agreement from my current UTMG one? If there are things in my current agreement I’m not happy with, can I negotiate to make changes to my new one?
You will find that the language in your UT Regional One Physicians agreement is almost identical to your current UTMG agreement. This was intentional as UT Regional One Physicians made the decision to keep everyone as whole as possible in the transition to the new organization.