Theresa Lynette Woodard, MD

Internal Medicine services at Regional One Health

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Medical Degree

Louisiana State University, New Orleans

Internal Medicine, University Medical Center, Lafayette, Louisiana

Internal Medicine, University Medical Center, Lafayette, Louisiana

Theresa Lynette Woodard, MD, is a physician at Harbor of Health. Dr. Woodard received her medical degree from LSU Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana and completed her internship and residency in internal medicine at University Medical Center in Lafayette, Louisiana.

“I’m so pleased to join the Harbor of Health team to help our community with their health and wellness needs,” Dr. Woodard said. “My favorite part of treating patients is witnessing that ‘ah hah’ moment, the moment when I see their eyes sparkle as they realize the rationale behind a certain treatment or when they have an epiphany regarding their own disease process.”

“One of my favorite sayings is ‘Let me know when you are ready,’” Dr. Woodard shared. “True success regarding the patient physician relationship revolves around the patient being ready to accept what is or has happened regarding their health and having at least a little accountability in striving to improve their personal health conditions. That is the place where we can begin the healing process.”

Dr. Woodard holds a special interest in diabetes, hypertension and obesity with a focus on patient education. “I try to highlight the importance of patient education in my practice, for I believe a patient is more apt to be compliant if they understand the medical instructions laid out before them.”


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