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Kafila Jaipuri, RN, MSN, CFNP, APN

Family Medicine, Family Nurse Practitioner and Primary Care services at Regional One Health


Family Medicine

Family Nurse Practitioner and Primary Care


Family Nurse Practitioner

Registered Nurse

Advanced Practice Nurse


Crescent Medical


Master of Science Nursing

University of Memphis; Bachelor of Science Nursing

Arkansas State University

Kafila Jaipuri, RN, APN, MSN, FNP is a certified family nurse practitioner at Regional One Health. Kafila received her Master of Science nursing degree from University of Memphis and her Bachelor of Science nursing degree at Arkansas State University.

Along with her experience and education as a nurse, Kafila earned a Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition and completed a dietician/nutritionist internship. She has experience as a primary care provider and also in urgent care and hospital settings.

At Regional One Health, Kafila looks forward to building a rapport with patients seeking a caring, dedicated medical provider. She can provide physical exams, treatment for acute and chronic conditions, diagnostic tests, referrals to specialists, preventative care and more.

Kafila will see patients at Guthrie Primary Care, 1064 Breedlove St. For an appointment, call 901-515-5400.


Harbor Of Health

718 Harbor Bend Road

Memphis, TN 38103


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