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Elizabeth Schriner, PA-C

Family Medicine services at Regional One Health


Family Medicine

Physician Assistant

Master of Science, Physician Assistant Studies, Christian Brothers University

Elizabeth Schriner, PA-C is a board certified physician assistant who received her master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Christian Brothers University in Memphis.

“Diagnosing and treating patients is often full of rigorous, intellectual gymnastics; however, a love of learning has to be balanced with a desire to work with others (patients, other healthcare staff, etc.),” Elizabeth said. Prior to working as a physician assistant, Elizabeth was a Ph.D. candidate in Immunology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology at University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. “It was immensely stimulating on a purely academic front, but I missed daily interactions and problem solving with patients,” Elizabeth said.

When caring for patients, Elizabeth believes in serving with compassion and providing them the choice to participate in their own treatment plans. She states it is important to be sensitive to the preferences, beliefs, and diversity lifestyles of each patient. “Patients have lives outside of their medical problems—the whole point of a healthy lifestyle is to provide you the opportunity to do what you enjoy,” Elizabeth said.


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