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Cecilia Dowsing-Adams, MD

Family Medicine and Primary Care services at Regional One Health


Family Medicine and Primary Care

Medical Degree

University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson


University of Tennessee, Baptist Healthplex Family Medicine, Memphis


University of Tennessee

Baptist Healthplex Family Medicine


Primary Care Specialists is proud to welcome Cecilia Dowsing-Adams, MD, to Regional One Health. Dr. Dowsing-Adams received her medical degree from the University of Mississippi Medical Center and completed her internship and residency at UT/Baptist Healthplex Family Medicine Residency Program.

Dr. Dowsing-Adams was encouraged to become a physician because of an experience she encountered as a child. “After a personal tragedy, I decided that I wanted to become a doctor. I was five years old at the time. As a child having suffered the loss of a loved one, I can remember not wanting another child to feel the way that I had felt. I did not really understand the concept of life and that death was inevitable,” Dr. Dowsing-Adams recalled. “I thought that something could have been done to stop someone from dying, especially if they had not been sick. So my goal was to be the one to achieve this. As time went on, I realized that death was a part of life. However, I still wanted to make a difference. I wanted to be like our family doctor who had cared for everyone in my family.”

As a family medicine physician, Dr. Dowsing-Adams takes great pride in caring for multiple generations of the same family. “There is nothing like the thrill of walking into one room to care for a newborn and the next room to care for a grandmother. I enjoy being a part of an organization that still believes in providing compassionate, quality care focusing on the needs of patients.”


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