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Alicia Farris, NP

Vascular Surgery services at Regional One Health


Vascular Surgery

Family Nurse Practitioner

Master of Science in Nursing, University of Memphis

Alicia Farris, FNP-C, MSN, is a family nurse practitioner at Regional One Health. Alicia earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree at The University of Memphis. Alicia strived to become a nurse like her mother.

“I was able to accompany her to work at the hospital and I spent a great deal of time around physicians and other nurses she worked with daily, who were my role models,” Alicia shared. Alicia started her career as a registered nurse. She felt a calling to expand her knowledge and experience, therefore advancing her education and obtaining her master's degree. “I wanted to be able to care for patients with autonomy, but still incorporate the things I love about nursing such as patient advocacy, patience, caring, and teaching."

Alicia works in Vascular Surgery as a family nurse practitioner. "Vascular disease and injuries affect every part of our bodies," Alicia said. "This has become my passion through working closely with academic physicians who are always eager to teach and personally advance in evidence-based practice. Our physicians truly provide exceptional care for all our patients regardless of gender, race, religion, or socioeconomic status. I would trust them to care for my family or myself."

From being a registered nurse to a nurse practitioner, Alicia has found her calling. "I am truly fulfilled by my role, as I am able to incorporate the best of both worlds of being a provider as well as a nurse at heart," Alicia shared.


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