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Chris A. Covington, D.O. PM&R

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation services at Regional One Health

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Academic Title

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Physical Medicine & Rehab

Internal Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Chris A. Covington, D.O., PM & R, joined Regional One Health as Medical Director of the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine, rich with experience in the role of medical director in the rehabilitative setting. He has administrative experience in transitional care, subacute care, pain management, inpatient acute rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation and wound care. His nearly 20 years in medicine has taken him to rehabilitation centers in North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Illinois and Michigan. Dr. Covington says this variety gives him some versatility.

"I have done both inpatient and outpatient so I see both sides of the patient, whether they are in the hospital and still in pretty rough shape, or then I see them going through outpatient therapies," Dr. Covington explained. "I was a medical director at both levels for both outpatient pain management and inpatient rehabilitation, so I think all of those experiences have put me in a good position now to lead the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine."

With all rehabilitative cases, even in pain management, Dr. Covington approaches each patient from a functional standpoint, assessing where they are in their capabilities and where they want to be. Then a customized approach through therapies, medications and procedures to meet those goals can be devised.

Dr. Covington's favorite aspect of his position is the relationships formed. "I enjoy teaching and the interaction that is required to not only convey to our therapy team whats going on with this particular patient, but also the patients themselves," Dr. Covington said. "We work to give them state-of-the-art care and the best medications or therapy interventions available, and we have to convey that in an understandable way. That is what makes whatever progress we make possible." "No matter what your issue is and no matter how long you have been dealing with it, everybody deserves a chance. No one is hopeless. We want to give everyone who comes through here the best chance at improving their quality of life."


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