Our Center for Rehabilitative Medicine’s return to work program can be customized to fit patients’ and employers’ needs. Our plans utilize an integrated model of care that includes:

• Physiatry
• Occupational therapy
• Physical therapy

We work in conjunction with local businesses to address the needs of their employees sustaining work related injuries, and provide a seamless muti-modal care plan to achieve positive outcomes and return employees to a productive work life. Our Return to Work program is customized to the needs of our business partners and their employees. Services and treatments are developed for off ering in our facility, the workplace, gym, or the individual’s home. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and customized treatment plans that are convenient for our patients. Treatment plans are developed to meet the needs of each patient in conjunction with the interdisciplinary team, workplace representation and medical staff.

Services include the following:

• Evaluation and treatment
• Functional capacity evaluations
• Customized workout program (applicable to home or gym)
• Independent medical evaluations
• Transportable post-injury wellness program
• Back school
• Treatment of upper extremity injuries
• Treatment of lower extremity injuries
• Treatment of back injuries
• Catastrophic injuries

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