U.S . Congressman Steve Cohen visited Regional One Health January 23 to get a firsthand look at improvements he helped bring about by supporting federal funding for the hospital.

Over the past two fiscal years, Congressman Cohen helped the health care system access $3 million in federal funding.

The money has been used to update technology and facilities in the Labor & Delivery Center, allowing for even better patient care and an improved patient and family experience.

Moms and babies are receiving better care than ever at Regional One Health thanks to federal funding secured with the help of U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen.

Congressman Cohen, who represents Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District that includes downtown Memphis, helped obtain $3 million in federal appropriations for Regional One Health over the past two fiscal years. He visited the hospital Tuesday, January 23 to get a firsthand look at how the funding is leading to enhanced patient care and facilities.

U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen toured Regional One Health’s Labor & Delivery Center January 23. Congressman Cohen helped secure $3 million in funding for the hospital that went to new medication carts, ultrasound technology, and enhanced areas for patients, families and staff.

“These facilities are important and this hospital is important,” Congressman Cohen said. “This hospital should be funded, supported, and given the chance to make improvements.”

Regional One Health President and CEO Reginald Coopwood, MD thanked Congressman Cohen for his support.

“Thank you for being a champion not only for our community, but for Regional One Health,” Dr. Coopwood said. “You’re helping us continue to deliver safe, high-quality care.”

Congressman Cohen worked with Tish Towns, Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer, to identify areas of need at Regional One Health. Their conversations and the funding secured by Congressman Cohen led to several key improvements at the hospital’s Labor & Delivery Center.

Lauren Russell, Nurse Manager for Labor & Delivery; and Matthew Currie, Director of Inpatient Pharmacy, described how the projects benefit patients, their families, and staff.

Russell said Congressman Cohen’s support allowed the hospital to obtain high-tech ultrasound equipment that provides diagnostic information and guides care for moms and babies.

Patients’ families are enjoying a comfortable new waiting area, she added, and physicians and nurses have received a moral boost thanks to renovated work stations.

Russell said the next project will be a renovation of the Labor & Delivery Center patient rooms.

Regional One Health President & CEO Reginald Coopwood, MD thanked Congressman Cohen for his support. “Thank you for being a champion not only for our community, but for Regional One Health,” Dr. Coopwood said. “You’re helping us continue to deliver safe, high-quality care.”

“We deliver around 3,000 babies every year, and the moms and babies we take care of deserve a warm and inviting space – a space that improves their experience,” she told Congressman Cohen. “We have such deep gratitude for your partnership in improving our patients’ health and wellbeing.”

Currie noted the funding also allowed Inpatient Pharmacy to modernize the medication carts that nurses use to deliver prescriptions to patients. He said the carts have specialized features to ensure safe, accurate, and prompt medication delivery.

“These carts allow nurses to have medication available at their fingertips, so when a physician writes an order and the pharmacy fills it, they can conveniently get the medication so the patient doesn’t have to wait,” he said. “This has become the standard of care, but without your help it would not be the standard of care here.”

Dr. Coopwood noted all of the improvements help Regional One Health continue to provide the highest quality of care. He said that is essential as the health care system works toward building a new state-of-the-art campus that will meet the needs of the community for generations to come.

“While we’re planning and building, we still have to provide great patient care. These updates are necessary because we’ll be delivering babies here for at least three more years while new facilities are put into place,” Dr. Coopwood said, adding, “The investments made with the money Congressman Cohen helped bring in will be transferrable to a new facility.”

Congressman Cohen said seeking funding for Regional One Health is crucial to taking care of his constituents and an opportunity to support a health system that has been part of his life for years.

His father was a physician who served on the hospital’s board years ago, and as a Shelby County Commissioner in the 1970s, Congressman Cohen cast a decisive vote to construct some of the hospital’s current buildings. He was also treated for polio as a child at a facility that once stood on the site of Regional One Health’s current campus.

“I want to help Regional One Health in all ways,” Congressman Cohen said. “It serves the people in the community who need health care and don’t have it, and also provides wonderful specialized units. Thank you to the staff for helping people have a better life.”

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