Everyone in our community deserves access to lifesaving medical care, and it is the Regional One Health Foundation’s mission to work with generous donors to pursue that goal.

The Foundation advances healthcare excellence through philanthropy, with donations going to help Regional One Health access technology, training and resources to protect and enhance the health of patients throughout the Mid-South.

“Your gifts help us believe that miracles will continue to be real for more people when they need us,” says Regional One Health President and CEO Reginald Coopwood, MD.

Regional One Health President and CEO Reginald Coopwood, MD notes, “To be able to look a family in the eyes and tell them that, while their loved one is indeed facing a serious medical situation, we have hope – that’s what keeps us going. We are able to have the resources to be world class and the people who lead with their servant’s heart because of you, our donors. Your gifts help us believe that miracles will continue to be real for more people when they need us.”

Each year, the Foundation releases an Annual Report to recognize donors and describe how their gifts supported Regional One Health, and to share the stories of regular people whose lives were changed for the better thanks to the healthcare system’s efforts.

The 2017-2018 report is now available, detailing over $1.5 million worth of support for the ONE Health complex care initiative, the Center for Innovation’s work on medical advances, operating room upgrades, Firefighters Burn Center equipment, breast cancer screenings and much more.

Here’s a glance at this year’s Regional One Health Foundation Annual Report:

The Center for Innovation and ONE Health are healthcare game changes

The work of the Center for Innovation, led by senior manager Allie Alvarez, is featured in the Regional One Health Foundation 2018 Annual Report.

Center for Innovation Senior Manager Allie Alvarez shares how thinking outside the box is leading to medical innovations like a device to heal broken bones without the inconvenience of a cast; while ONE Health team members share the story of Jamarcus Ankston, a young man who they have helped access safe housing and care for a genetic disorder.

As Tammie Ritchey, Foundation Senior Vice President/Chief Development Officer, notes, “Regional One Health faces the toughest challenges and the sickest people, applies innovative solutions, and improves the quality of life for the people we care for.”

These triplets are thriving thanks to Regional One Health:

Jennifer and Ashton Hall moved all the way from London to be under the care of Giancarlo Mari, MD in Regional One Health’s High-Risk Obstetrics Program during Jennifer’s one-in-200-million pregnancy with identical triplets. Today, Leo, Wylder and Bear are healthy little boys – and the family recently welcomed baby number four, also at Regional One Health.

The Hall triplets are one of the inspiring patient stories featured in the Annual Report.

Meanwhile, Abbie, Allie and Caleb Glozier will graduate high school this spring after starting their lives as fragile babies weighing just one pound a piece. They faced life-or-death crises every day for months, but overcame the odds thanks to the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center.

Patients overcame horrific accidents to return to the lives they love:

In 2014, Laura Spradlin spent several days in a coma after a car accident, at risk of death or permanent brain damage. Her care team at the Elvis Presley Trauma Center helped her make a full recovery, and she’s living her dream of playing college basketball.

Richie Prince was hospitalized for over 300 days after suffering severe burns to more than 70 percent of his body in a bonfire accident.

The Firefighters Burn Center gave him a second chance, and he’s taking full advantage with big plans for the future.

Also inside…

The report also includes photos from the Orion ONE Round & Women’s Clinic golf tournament and last year’s ONE Night gala, and introduces new Regional One Health Chief Medical Officer Martin Croce, MD, who previously led the Elvis Presley Trauma Center.

And, of course, the report keeps the focus on those generous individuals who support the Foundation – the Honor Roll of Donors. “We are tremendously grateful to have the support of many community members who help save and improve the lives of our patients through their generous contributions,” Foundation officials note.

For more information, visit www.regionalonehealth.org/foundation. To make a donation, visit donate.regionalonehealthfoundation.org or to read our full annual report, click Regional One Health Foundation Annual Report.