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Regional One Health Foundation recently unveiled a new art installation, Healing Motion, which was created by Memphis-based artist Danny Broadway.

Broadway was inspired to create the colorful, expressive paintings after his wife Gia was a patient at Regional One Health following a serious car accident.

The piece is designed to celebrate health care workers and provide encouragement to patients and their loved ones.

Medical professionals heal through evidence-based treatment, while artists heal by providing inspiration, encouragement and joy. The two came together earlier this month as Regional One Health Foundation unveiled a new artwork entitled Healing Motion.

The five-piece acrylic-on-canvas painting by Memphis-based artist Danny Broadway is located outside the hospital’s Critical Care Waiting Room. It is inspired by the experience Danny and wife Gia had at Regional One Health after Gia suffered serious injuries in a car accident.

“I had never spent much time in a hospital until Gia came here after her accident, and I was inspired by all of the health care workers who supported and helped her during recovery,” Danny said. “This artwork is very sentimental to me; very personal.”

Danny always embraces opportunities to share his creative gifts with the community, and he saw the installation of Healing Motion as a way to both honor the health care providers who cared for Gia and to celebrate the love Gia, a dancer, has for motion and color.

Memphis-based artist Danny Broadway created Healing Motion for Regional One Health after his wife Gia was a patient. “I was inspired by all of the health care workers who supported and helped her during recovery,” Danny said. “This artwork is very sentimental to me; very personal.”

During Gia’s 6-week stay at Regional One Health in 2020, Danny was moved by the hard work and positive energy he saw among health care providers and patients.

He wanted to create an installation that would harness that power to help other patients heal, so he developed Healing Motion in his signature style of portraying movement, light and emotion in colorfully expressive ways.

Meanwhile, Regional One Health Foundation helped identify a location for Healing Motion that would ensure countless employees, patients and families can be encouraged by the healing power of art. The piece spans a hallway outside the Critical Care Waiting Room where it will be highly visible to both employees and visitors with loved ones in the hospital.

“Thousands of patients, families and employees walk down this hall every year,” noted Tammie Ritchey, senior vice president and chief development officer. “As I walked down this hall, this artwork made me happy. It made my heart smile.”

Ritchey said it is always meaningful when a family not only entrusts Regional One Health with their health, but goes above and beyond to show their appreciation.

“It is our greatest privilege for patients to rely on us and trust us with their care, and it is truly amazing that Danny shared his gift with us, giving us encouragement,” she said.

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