It’s National Nurses Week! Regional One Health is proud to celebrate the many nurses who provide exceptional and compassionate care to our patients.

During this special work, our nurses are taking a moment to share what drives them in their career.

While every nurse has his or her own story to tell, our team is united by a desire to help make a positive difference for Mid-South patients and families.

National Nurses Week is held annually from May 6-12 to celebrate the vital role nurses play in health care and in society as a whole.

At Regional One Health, we recognize this reality all year long. Our dedicated nurses are on the frontlines of patient care every day, providing not only expert medical treatment, but compassion and humanity to both patients and their families.

As a major health care system, Regional One Health has hundreds of nurses working in a wide variety of specialties: trauma and emergency care, burn, women’s services, primary care, surgery and many more. While each field brings its own demands and skillset, our nurses share many attributes in common: commitment to their patients and to the field of nursing.

To celebrate Nurses Week, some of our nurses shared their thoughts on why they’ve dedicated themselves to this essential profession:

Veronica Wright, BSN, RN: “In case management, I work in partnership with other disciplines to make sure patients have what they need at the time of discharge. It is not always easy, but I’m driven by the difference I am making for my patients!”

May 6-12 is National Nurses Week, a time to celebrate the many contributions nurses make to providing exceptional health care and keeping their communities healthy and safe.

Theresa Traylor, MSN, HCSM, RN: “I’ve been a nurse for 40 years now. I’ve asked myself if I would do it all over again, knowing what I know now. My answer is yes, without hesitation and without doubt. I was literally born to be a nurse!”

Melanie Thomas, BSN, RN: “In my 22-year career, I have had the opportunity to be a part of saving lives, educating, and advocating for patients and their families. I found my passion, and I am grateful every day for the opportunity I have to serve others in this capacity.”

Dianne Robbins, RN: “It is the patients I serve that encourage me to continue to march on. Their trust in me and expressions of thanks and kindness make my heart swell with gratitude for the opportunity to do what I can for them.”

Claire Albers, RN: “My work family is my ‘why.’ This last year has been historic, for not only what nurses have endured, but also for our ability to rise to the occasion. We supported each other at our breaking points, gave a listening ear to a friend, and suited up one more time to help a coworker save the life of a patient in need.”

Shirley Butler, RN: “I had a child who was born premature, and while he was in the hospital, I saw what nursing was all about. I found my purpose in being able to give back to patients, just like love, care and respect were given to me at one of the most vulnerable moments of my life.”

Sarah Beronia, RN: “To take care of the sick with compassion and sincerity is a calling. To me, being a nurse is giving others a chance to see that there is hope even during the most difficult times. Life is more meaningful when you are able to touch others in a way that shows you care.”

Regional One Health has nurses working in a wide variety of fields, but they share a common mission: to provide hope and healing to patients so they can return home to their families.

Kay Conlee, RN: “I love working with the babies and the staff of the NICU, and I feel like this is my calling in life. I pray that I am able to make a difference every single day in the life of a child and in the lives of these families.”

Annette Minor, RN, PCC: “Rehabilitative nursing prepares a patient to care for themselves when they are discharged from the hospital, and there is nothing more fulfilling than to see a patient regain their health and strength and return home to their family.”

Michael Curtis Jr., BSN, RN, CCRN: “As a registered nurse at our level-one trauma center, my ‘why’ is to positively contribute to the experiences and outcomes of our patient population through unwavering grace and untiring service.”

Verlee Thompson, RN: “Being a nurse educator has equipped me to endorse professionalism, support patients and expand my leadership skills. Education is vital for patient coaching in order to promote health and wellness.”

Jennifer Conrad-Rendon, FNP: “My cousin is a nurse, and I always wanted to be like her – I wanted to give back and help others.”

Thank you to all of our nurses for the impact they make on our community every day. To support our health care heroes, visit