September is Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month

This is a time to honor babies, families, caregivers and anyone else who may experience life in the NICU. Please consider raising awareness and funds this month during NICU awareness month by participating in our fundraiser

Support the NICU and Earn Prizes
Top fundraising individuals and teams will receive prizes and be recognized at the NICU Family Reunion on September 29. Participate as an individual or start a team today— it’s free to sign up. Join us and become an everyday hero!

Commit to raising awareness and funds by visiting our website and signing up today.

Each year, approximately 4,500 babies are born at Regional One Health. Of those births, more than 1,300 are born too early, too ill or too small and are treated in the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center until they are ready to live life outside of the hospital. For parents and families, NICU stays can be terrifying and isolating. Just imagine not being able to touch your baby for days, weeks or even months. Some parents must leave their baby, return home to other children and go back to work. Help make a difference in these families lives by supporting the NICU today.

Tips for success:
• Email your friends and family the link to your page and encourage them to donate or join your team.
• Customize your page. Add a personal photo or story.
• Use social media and link to your page.
• Become a self-donor (donate to your own page to kick off your fundraising).

How the dollars YOU raise can make an impact:
• $5-$15: cafeteria vouchers and gas cards for families qualified to receive financial assistance.
• $25-$35: lullaby white noise machines for giraffe beds and cribs.
• $50-$100: hotel vouchers for families traveling over 50 miles.
• Fundraising over $500: new technology and departmental needs for staff.
• Teams and individuals who contribute more than $5,000: new equipment, like patient monitors, incubators and radiant warmers, and a cribette, which is used for long term babies who outgrow the radiant warmers.