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Gala co-chairs: ‘ONE Night is an opportunity to support vital health care’

Regional One Health depends on the important support provided by individuals, organizations and businesses who give generously, including through the annual ONE Night Gala, which will be held Saturday, April 14, at Memphis Cook Convention Center.

This year’s ONE Night co-chairs Holly Walters Craft, left, and Madelyn Gray are inspired to give back to Regional One Health.

This year’s ONE Night co-chairs, Holly Walters Craft and Madelyn Gray, are inspired to give back to Regional One Health to help us provide the vital life-saving care, including through our centers of excellence: Elvis Presley Trauma Center, Firefighters Burn Center, High-Risk Obstetrics and Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center.

Craft has worked in the pharmaceuticals industry, and has had interactions with Regional One Health staff through her professional roles. But when a family member needed care at Regional One Health, she gained a better understanding of the personal care.

In fact, many Regional One Health supporters have been touched by the life-saving care, whether personally or provided to a loved one. For Craft, that first-hand knowledge came four years ago when a family member was in a severe car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. That relative today is fully recovered and doing well, and Craft thanked Regional One Health.

“Seeing everyone in action was amazing,” she said. “Many people think of Regional One Health and that they’ll never need its services, but you never know. I never expected to have a family member at Regional One Health and I was very grateful for the high quality care my family member received.”

“The hope is to raise money to help Regional One Health continue to be the excellent caliber hospital it is,” Craft said. “And the gala itself is a wonderful event. It’s inspiring and a lot of fun.”

Gray is fortunate. She hasn’t needed the exceptional care provided at Regional One Health. Gray has seen the great needs in the Memphis community through the years and she said she strives to give back as much as she can.

Craft and Gray know each other through their community service and involvement in the Junior League of Memphis. Craft thought Gray’s servant heart was a good match for Regional One Health.

Gray toured the hospital and said she immediately knew she wanted to be involved.

“As I’ve gotten to know the leadership at Regional One Health I’ve learned more about the great care its dedicated nurses and doctors provide with great compassion,” Gray said. “I took a tour and saw the Elvis Presley Trauma Center and I could tell this was a magical and great place. We’re lucky to have Regional One Health in our community.”

ONE Night Gala provides funds for Regional One Health to enhance care in a variety of ways. Recent projects made possible by ONE Night Gala proceeds include new NICU beds and operating room upgrades.

“The hope is to raise money to help Regional One Health continue to be the excellent caliber hospital it is so it can provide care across many spectrums of need,” Craft said. “I encourage people to give. You never know when you’ll need the care provided at Regional One Health. And the gala itself is a wonderful event. It’s inspiring and a lot of fun.”

Gray said the fact ONE Night Gala is at the larger Memphis Cook Convention Center is proof of its popularity.

“It’s a fun, diverse event for the city,” she said. “It is one of the parties that people really have a good time while supporting such an important institution.”

For more information about ONE Night or to buy tickets, please visit Regional One Health Foundation.