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ONE Night Still Reigns as the Hottest Ticket in Town!

For the 7th straight year, the soul of Memphis proudly shone through at ONE Night. More than 900 guests demonstrated why Memphis continues to receive accolades as one of the most charitable cities in the nation.

During the live pledge event at ONE Night 2017, our generous guests donated an additional $141,000 – right on the spot. These funds are dedicated to re-imagining how our operating rooms serve patients, families and the doctors, nurses and staff who save lives.

A commonality in many of our patient stories is their need for the operating room and how integral the O.R. was to saving their lives. It’s time we pushed the boundaries of healthcare innovation in the way our O.R.’s are designed.

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Imagine a space equipped with the technology to allow a doctor to communicate directly with an anxious family, use voice activation to adjust the intensity of the lights and vividly display all X-rays and information used to make a diagnosis. These advanced features are now closer to our patients’ reality because of the generosity of our ONE Night live pledge donors.

From the sympathetic tears shed during moving patient stories, the night gave way to a packed dance floor and an unparalleled musical performance by Cameo, followed by The Isley Brothers featuring Ronald and Ernest Isley. We are deeply grateful for the co-chairs, sponsors, volunteers, guests and media who made ONE Night 2017 the hottest ticket in town.

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With Special Thanks


Holly Craft and Madelyn Gray

Volunteer and Host Committee: 

Elizabeth and Bo Allen

Belinda and Calvin Anderson

Susan and Damon Arney

Scott Barnes

Alison and Jim Barton

Edwyna Bonner

Erica and Reginald Coopwood

Celine and Martin Croce

Juliette Eskridge

Dave Evans

Kirby and Glenn Floyd

Stefan Harsch

Deborah and Bill Hickerson

Karen and Kirk Johnston

JJ and Bobby Krauch

Tammie and Corey Lee

Suzana and Michael Lightman, Jr.

Evan Mann

Denice and Jim McMahon

Nikki and Dow McVean

Boo Mitchell

Merry and Johnny Moore

Ellen and Henry Nixon

Sally and Ashley Pace

Kim and Johnny Pitts

Randa Rosenblum

Honey and Rudi Scheidt

Nancy Welsh Smith

Denise Burnett Stewart

Deborah Tipton

Mike Tutor

Diane Jalfon and Daniel Weickenand

Shane Waldroup