The Babies Thank You!

When you give to Regional One Health Foundation, you help our Centers of Excellence remain on the cutting edge of medical care. For example, in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the following innovations and conveniences would not be possible without your financial support.

Giraffe Beds

Two Giraffe beds were purchased for our micro preemie babies, who are born weighing less than two pounds. The beds surround the babies in warmth, offer top clinical performance and offer better visibility and access to the proud parents.

Infant Warmers and Warming Cabinets

If a baby’s temperature drops, it can mean infection and death. We purchased multiple infant warmers and warming cabinets for our critically ill babies.

Rocking Chairs

New rocking chairs are now available in our well baby and NICU nurseries. The rockers are consumer grade and easy to disinfect.

Mama Roo Swings

Dozens of Mama Roo swings are now part of our nurseries. These infant seats/swings bounce up and down and sway side to side. They help to comfort the precious babies in our care.

Pack ‘N Play Cribs

Dozens of pack ‘n play cribs have been purchased and are distributed through our social workers to families who do not have safe sleeping arrangements for their babies at home. The cribs help reduce sleep-related infant deaths, which are both preventable and all too common.