The Cornerstone Circle – acknowledges donors who give $100 – $999 annually.

The President’s Circle – acknowledges donors who give $1,000 – $4,999 annually.

The Founder’s Circle – acknowledges donors who give $5,000 or $9,999 annually.

The Pillar Society – acknowledges those individuals, corporations and foundations that have given $10,000 or more annually.

The John Gaston Society – acknowledges those who have made gifts through will bequests, trust agreements, life insurance and similar planned gifts of any size.


We are tremendously grateful for the support of our donors who contributed to the Elvis Presley Trauma Center during 2014. Your donations help save and improve the lives of our patients. We express gratitude and recognize our donors through membership in the exclusive giving circles below.

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Helena Foundation


Mr. Joseph Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Hardin

Mr. Allan M. Horwitz

Ms. Susan L. Karpie

Mrs. Virginia I. Ryan

Mr. Thomas Schroeppel

Dr. Robert L. Sumter

We Remember Elvis Fan Club


Mrs. and Mr. Kacy J. Acree

Mr. Jimmy W. Allen

Mr. David A. Booker

Mr. John Boyland

Ms. Sheila D. Butler

Mr. Michael S. Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Coughlin

Mr. Cory Cox

Ms. Cathy R. Craig

Mr. William E. Davis

Ms. Diane C. Dubinski

Elvis Happy Fan Club

Ms. Daphene E. Fitchpatrick

Mr. William K. Fogerty

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Giannini

Ms. Donna R. Grubbs

Ms. Terri Hancock

Ms. Jo A. Holloway-Robertson

Ms. Anne L. Houle-Gregory

Mr. Jesse H. Land, Jr.

Mrs. and Dr. Jennifer L. Lavelle

Mr. Kerry C. Lyons

Mr. Jerry Madden

Ms. Sheila E. Markham

Ms. Jerry A. Neal

Mr. Zachary A. Ortiz

Ms. Gloria M. Patton

Ms. Tiffany D. Phillips

Ms. Patricia A. Pike

Ms. Patsy H. Rhodes

Ms. Valerie R. Russell-Scott

Mrs. M. Hue Smith

Ms. Michelle Swim

Mrs. Yvette D. Taylor

The Memphis Connection Memories of Elvis Fan Club

Ms. Leticia W. Towns

Ms. Sarah E. Vest

Dr. Allison P. Whittle, M.D.

Ms. Adrice L. Williams

Ms. Elizabeth Williams

Ms. Shannon E. Williams

Dr. and Mrs. Chris Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wooten

Ms. Melva R. Zanella