Former Foundation board member and long-time philanthropist is advancing healthcare in the Mid-South

It was an invitation from then-foundation Executive Director and close friend,
John T. Fisher II that initially got Anne Stokes involved with Regional One
Health Foundation. Their conversation
and subsequent tour of Regional Medical Center, Regional One Health’s acute care hospital, in 2007 was all it took for Stokes to see the critical role Regional One Health plays in this community.

“Having lived in Memphis for more than 50 years, I always knew Regional Medical Center was there but I truly didn’t know how great it was,” said Stokes. “The work being done at the hospital’s Centers of Excellence is amazing.”

Stokes quickly joined Regional One Health Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2007 where she served until December of last year. Stokes, and her husband John, have also made a commitment to give to the foundation’s annual campaign each year since 2007. She said serving on the board gave her valuable insight into how the funds are used to save lives.

“The funds raised always support a critical, life-saving need,” said Stokes. “Whether it’s an essential piece of equipment or service, you know your money is going

to make a real, tangible difference in someone’s life, and that is what you want when you make a donation.”

Stokes’ most recent gift was made to 
the Nursing Education Fund, which kick started Regional One Health’s Nursing Residency Program – another concrete need she was eager to get behind. She gives to the foundation because she sees the advancements being made each day throughout the entire Regional One Health system. In the seven years she has been involved, she is amazed at what has been accomplished and sees a bright future for the healthcare system and the community it serves.

“For so long, we only read about Regional Medical Center when we read about someone being stabbed or shot. The perception that the city has of Regional One Health is changing, and I think it will soon be the hospital of choice for many mid-southerners who would not have even considered it 10 or 15 years ago.”

Stokes encourages everyone in the Mid-South to come for a tour and see the work being done at Regional One Health because seeing, first-hand, the advancements being made right here in Memphis will likely shatter their expectations.

Make your contribution to the future of nursing today.