MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound

For the first time in the Memphis region, patients who suffer from tremors, essential tremor (ET) and Parkinson’s disease tremors have access to treat these tremors with MR-guided focused ultrasound, an incisionless technology, that replaces traditional surgery.

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On treatment day, the patient’s head is cleanly shaven and a local anesthetic. The patient lies down on the treatment bed with their head in the Exablate Neuro helmet. Cold water is circulated around the scalp.

Using MRI images, the physician can clearly target the treatment area. They are also able to monitor temperature changes during treatment.

The ultrasound waves are focused through the skull to create a small ablation, or burn, which reduces the hand tremor. During treatment, a lesion approximately 5x5mm in size will be made in the thalamus - the part of the brain which controls your tremor.

At the end of the procedure a final MRI scan will be done to assess the ablation area. The frame is removed and typically after a short recovery time, patients can return home.

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