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Modern Treatment for Sports Injury Pain in Memphis

UT Providers and Physical Therapists Offer a Variety of Rehabilitative Services

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Total Sports Injury Care



Luckily, 90% of all sports injuries don’t require surgery. If surgery is needed, the Sports Medicine physician will get a speedy referral to the Orthopedic Surgeon underway.

Pain Management

Physical Therapy

We asses and develop a custom plan, using various treatments to help you move and reduce pain. We focus on the future. Our goal is to restore function, prevent disability, and ensure long-term mobility.


Complimentary Services

Nutrition Counseling, Yoga, Pilates
Massage Therapy, & Acupuncture are just a few of the services we use to enhance your healing.

When To See Sports Medicine Specialist

Sports Injury Physicians & Orthopedics

Minor musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains and strains are easily treated by your family practitioner. If you have an overuse complication or chronic pain and need surgery,  you will most likely get referred to a sports injury specialist.

When To See a Physical Therapist

Individualized Rehabilitation

Some health problems make it hard to live your life as you did. PT helps you stay mobile and reduces pain. Improve or restore physical function and fitness with a patient, caring team.

When To Contact Your Insurance Provider

We'll Take Care of Everything

Our insurance verification team is standing-by to assist. We’ll contact them for you and ensure proper documents are filed.

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Meet Our Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Chris Covington

Dr. Crish Covington, Regional One Health Medical Director of the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine

My favorite aspect of this position is the relationships I make. I enjoy teaching and coordinating. But the best part of my job is patient care. Our patients enjoy state-of-the-art care with the best therapy options.

No matter what the issue is. No matter how long a patient has been dealing with it. I’m committed to giving everyone who comes through my door the best chance at improving their life.

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Regional One’s Health Center for Rehabilitative Medicine is founded on a comprehensive and individualized approach to care. Independence and an overall quality of life can be maintained and improved for many of our patients over time.

Together with our patients, we develop personalized paths to wellness with a three-part approach.

  1. State-of-the-Art Technology: We utilize the latest technology to assess a patient’s current condition and needs, including motion technology. Data analysis allows physicians and therapists to develop a unique healthcare plan.
  2. Innovative Care Plans: Each plan addresses a patient’s rehabilitation as a part of overall health. We pair traditional therapy with nutrition, yoga, and other medical services to promote health and wellness as a whole.
  3. Thoughtful Analysis: We operate as a care team, continuously reviewing progress with patients and adjusting as needed to maximize results. Constant communication between various healthcare providers

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