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Together, Regional One Health and The University of Tennessee Health Science Center lead the largest academic physician group in the mid-south.

Pain Management


From evaluation to managing pain, we strive to keep you active and free from unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Key Therapeutic Services

 Key Therapeutic

These services include access to skilled counselors, physical therapists, and occupational & speech therapists.



Additional services to accentuate Parkinson’s treatments like massage, yoga, nutrition, & acupuncture show to have considerable positive improvement.

Parkinson’s patients improve immensely when a multi-disciplinary approach is taken. Not just a specialist, but physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and nutrition guidance. We also provide access to social workers and counselors.

Gait Analysis

Gait (the process of walking) and balance are intricate movements. Parkinson’s Disease takes it’s toll on both. We use gait analysis technology to uncover precisely how the body is moving. Understanding a patient’s gait is key to developing a customized treatment plan.

Motion & Video Technology

This equipment allows the therapist to develop a treatment plan and track a patient’s progress. Using a multi-camera system, recorders, and motion analysis software, therapists gain valuable feedback during treatment sessions.

Personalized Exercise Programs

For Parkinson’s patients, a daily exercise routine is essential. By evaluating each patient’s unique needs & challenges, we can develop personalized workouts.

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Regional One’s Health Center for Rehabilitative Medicine is founded on a comprehensive and individualized approach to care. Independence and an overall quality of life can be maintained and improved for many of our patients over time.

Together with our patients, we develop personalized paths to wellness with a three-part approach.

  1. State-of-the-Art Technology: We utilize the latest technology to assess a patient’s current condition and needs, including motion technology. Data analysis allows physicians and therapists to develop a unique healthcare plan.
  2. Innovative Care Plans: Each plan addresses a patient’s rehabilitation as a part of overall health. We pair traditional therapy with nutrition, yoga, and other medical services to promote health and wellness as a whole.
  3. Thoughtful Analysis: We operate as a care team, continuously reviewing progress with patients and adjusting as needed to maximize results. Constant communication between various healthcare providers

Call (901) 515-5900